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The Tone does the Music

When you select any rhythm on an auto accompaniment your entire backing band plays only the 3 or 4 tones of your chords. The auto accompaniment can't play anything else. Unless it plays something to you.

True accompaniments, however, can play 7 tones to each chord.  Like the melody.  These are known to be the tones of the key.

The separation of accompaniment and melody is a fiction that does not even exist in music.

That's why you play title-related styles.

Characteristic accompaniments with all their riffs and transition tones, their melodic lines and walking basses. .  .   .

And yet you can play all chords completely freely by switching to Chords on the fly.   In real time.

More tones are simply more music.   A new dimension in auto accompaniment.   And a whole different kind of fun.

And there is even more.   In nimbu you have three levels that you can even combine:

  • Either you play title-related accompaniments, which nimbu computes from MIDI files.

  • Or accompaniment rhythms, the so-called styles, which are known from many keyboards.

  • Or accompaniments that you have edited or even developed yourself.

To play title-related accompaniments, proceed as follows:
  • You load a suitable MIDI file for your song from the Internet.
  • From this you let nimbu compute the harmony and accompaniment and you adjust the instruments a bit. And off you go.
    • What fun. Everything fits. Rhythm. Bass line. Riffs. Melodic lines. Fills and breaks.
      All you need is a keyboard with MIDI Out and you play this accompaniment just with Sync/Stop.
      Or you make a style out of it which really fits.

To play styles, you proceed this way:
  • Either you choose in nimbu one of the 100 fantastic rhythms. Here we go.
  • Or you download a suitable YAMAHA® Keyboard Style from the Internet.
    And also here you adjust the instruments to your setup. And here we go.
    • You play virtuously with the sections of the style.
      But now you see your music and can easily edit it.
      You even have the tension tones to further enhance the styles.

To edit or develop an accompaniment yourself, you take this path:
  • You call up the individual instruments and edit them like a text.
  • Even in real time, while nimbu is playing. With undo/redo, of course.
    • No fixed predefined styles. What fun to experiment with music.
      Your possibilities in nimbu are so comprehensive that we have dedicated a separate page to them.
      Have a look here.

Although you play only chords, your band plays these  Available Tones.

And with these spontaneously switchable settings:   Auto Accompaniment,  Improvisation or  Title.

One system for many keyboards.  With incredible accompaniments.  More about it here

    midi pads

Play your own title-related styles on a YAMAHA® Arranger keyboard.  More about it here

    Loading Styles Tyros laden

Thousands of partly first-class MIDI files and YAMAHA® styles are available for free on the Internet.

No matter what you play, you can easily edit any level of music. It's your music.

Your accompaniments are neither limited to chord tones, nor are they played to you with the tones of a semi-playback.

Here you got an

    Arranger on which you make music without limits.

Playing the way music works.  Here is our offer.

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