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Play your song-related styles on an arranger keyboard

In nimbu, the accompaniments can be exported to YAMAHA® Styles to play them without nimbu on a YAMAHA® Arranger Keyboard. When creating a style, nimbu should directly control the sound module in the YAMAHA® arranger keyboard in order to automatically apply the voices and other settings in the style. This way the sound of the YAMAHA® style is already designed in nimbu.

Mostly the style is already available in nimbu, because it was calculated from a MIDI file, so here it is only a matter of playing this title-related style with its characteristic sound also on an arranger keyboard.

Since in nimbu the events of the accompanying instruments are already separated from the chords of the harmony and in addition their chord tones are distinguished by color from the tension tones, you can recognize very quickly by means of simple rules which settings must be made per style part. These rules can be found in the nimbu manual.

Following preparations are required for the YAMAHA® style export.

  • The YAMAHA® styles are played with only one time signature. For this reason, it is best to start with an accompaniment without time signature changes.
    For songs that change time signature, which often occurs in a transition for only one bar, either the events must be shifted in time in nimbu or the tempo and event lengths must be converted accordingly.

  • The YAMAHA® styles do not know any chord scales.

      Either the tension tones of individual accompanying instruments must be reduced to chord tones.

      Or a phrase is selected as the style part, for example, whose tones will either not be shifted at all or only in relation to their fundamental and played back in this way. This is recommended if the characteristic tension tones in an accompanying instrument are not to be dispensed with.

  • The nimbu instruments must be assigned to the YAMAHA® style parts SubRhythm, Rhythm, Bass, Chord 1, Chord 2, Pad, Phrase 1 and Phrase 2 with so-called High Key, NTT and NTR settings and at least Intro A and Main A must be set.

More is not necessary, because the accompaniment is musically completely available and processed in nimbu. The reduction to chord tones as well as the conversion of the style to other high key values are done with one click.

Now you can export this title-related style and play it on your YAMAHA® keyboard with the chords that nimbu has calculated from the MIDI file.

With a little practice, the entire process from MIDI file to style takes only a few minutes. The concept of chord scales proves to be an unbeatable advantage.

If you want, you can also develop more universal styles in nimbu. For this purpose, special switches for transposition can be set in the Settings tab.

nimbu offers the following settings

  • Marker ranges
    all, Intro and Endings, Mains and Fill Ins
  • Style Parts
    Rythm, SubRythm, Bass, Chord 1, Chord 2, Pad, Phrase 1, Phrase 2
  • NTR
    Root Fixed, Root Trans
  • NTT
    Bypass, Melody, Bass, Chord, Melodic Minor, Harmonic Minor and Original Scale
  • HighKey

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