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    nimbu Software GmbH
Based in Northern Germany, nimbu Software GmbH is committed to the Hanseatic virtues of reliability, decency and fairness.

The innovative company was founded in 2015. It does not belong to any keyboard manufacturer, music retailer or publishing house and is therefore absolutely independent.  This independence creates the freedom to think about auto accompaniment from the requirements of music without being bound to any upward compatibility.

The software developments presented on nimbu.de are based solely on the requirements of music and the state of the art. With time signature changes and transposition of entire chord scales in real time, they feature a structurally incomparably high temporal as well as tonal resolution. Based on the comparatively young harmonics of the chord scales, they add a new dimension of musical professionalism to playing with automatic accompaniment.

All information and facts on nimbu.de are the responsibility of nimbu Software GmbH. The musical requirements and the technical implementations are presented in a qualified and serious manner.

nimbu Software GmbH www.nimbu.de
Bogenstraße 34 Phone: +49 (0) 4102 20 90 99
22926 Ahrensburg Contact
Managing Director Klaus Thun
Register court Lübeck
Reg. No. HRB 15219 HL
VAT Reg. No. DE 301 983 409
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