• You edit
    your music

Arrange music interactively in real time

Whether notes or scale events, whether chords or scales, whether time signatures or markers, whether volume level or instrumentation, you can access all levels of your music. You edit your music without notes. With Undo/Redo. Even while nimbu is playing.


Your accompaniment is noted in events with 7 scale steps, which are displayed as horizontal bars. The left side of the bars marks the time of attack, the length of the bars the duration of the tone. Blue events represent chord tones, green tension tones. Red events are off-scale tones. The 7 scale steps are resolved into tones when playing your chords (via the assigned chord scales).

In this example the lower keyboard shows the mixolydian scale. nimbu assigns the mixolydian scale to the played #D major chord. You see here an accompaniment that nimbu has calculated from a MIDI file. You can listen to exactly this accompaniment in Audio 4.

In contrast to many keyboards, nimbu's functions are open and transparent. A complete description of the functions can be found here.